Guest Blog Post By: Leah

Heyyy Guys!!! It’s Leah today. Make sure you check out my blog because today me and Krisha decided to ” Guest Blog ” for each others. So if you would like to go see what she wrote just click on this or my name. In a few minutes me and Krisha are going back over to our Science teachers class because we are doing activitys for ” Earth Week ” which include… Guest Readers for younger student, Water cycle or a puppet show. Krisha and I are reading and doing the Water Cycle. We are back over there to build it because we go over to a class and teach them how to build it and acually build it. We have never built it before so we are going to go learn how to build it right now. So we got to go!! BYE!!

End Slice of Life 4/30


I am so sad!!! Today is the end, by  the end I don’t mean the end of the world because its not, its the end of Slice of Life!!!! I am proud of myself because I blogged for 30 days straight!!! I think blogging has helped me a lot and Slice of Life has helped me blog a lot. Make sure to stay tuned with my blog because just because Slice of Life is over doesn’t mean that I’m gonna stop posting! Bye!


My Life Slice of Life 4/29

Hey guys I’m back! Today is the second to last day of Slice of Life!!! Today I’m going to write about my life right here and now!! So next week we have camp kern I wrote a blog post on it so make sure to go check that out, and we also have testing on Wednesday and Thursday. Thats only a little bit of my life so make sure to come back because I will write more about my life. Bye!!


30th Post Slice of Life 4/28

Hey guys I’m back ! Today I’m going to be talking about, this is my 30th blog post!! I have written 3o blog posts so I think I deserve Ice cream, oh speaking of Ice cream did you hear about the new greater’s and how their now open from remodeling, many of you probably don’t know what greater’s is, its this awesome Ice cream parlor. Okay, that got a little off topic so back on topic. I think that ever since blogging I feel like a better writer and that blogging opened me up to writing way more than before. Comment down below if you have written 30 blog posts or more. Bye!


Almost over! Slice of Life 4/27

Hey guys I’m back! Today I am going to tell you some news that you probably already know, the Slice of Life Challenge is almost over! I am proud of myself for blogging for a whole month straight! As some of you know that someday I didn’t know what to write about so I wrote about that and that made my blog post for the day, and sometimes I knew exactly what I was going to write about. If you liked my blog make sure to save the URL somewhere so you can always come back even if the slice of life challenge is over. Comment down below if you took part in the slice of life challenge! Bye!

Science AIR State Test Part 2 Slice of Life 4/25

Hey guys I’m Back! Today we had the Science AIR State Test Part 2, Ugh! There were around 28 questions but now I’m finished! We still have 1 more test for the rest of the year and that is the Math AIR State Test, but I feel most strong at math then at any other subject. I’m super excited because after the Math state test we have no more tests! Hooray!!!! Comment down below if you have to take AIR State Tests! Bye!


Science AIR State Test Part 1 Slice of Life 4/24

Hey Guys I’m back! Today we had to do Science AIR State Testing, Yay, JK Ugh! We had to do part 1 today and will have to do part 2 tommorow. We had around 25 questions all on around what we did and learned this year, we will have some more tommorow. On a scale of 1-10 1 the easiest and 10 the hardest this part of the test was about a 7-8 to me. We have finished ELA testing and are finishing Science we only have Math to go, after that we are all done with testing for the rest of the year, Yay, this time I’m not kidding! I’m tired and sleepy because I had a busy day plus testing, so I’m going to bed but keep coming back! Bye!


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